I mean this isn’t a deerstalker now; it’s a Sherlock Holmes hat

spookyoperaghost said:
Good god, the silly hats are glorious.

They are, aren’t they? I instantly fell in love with the seagull :D

It’s a drugs bust silly hat party!

You wouldn’t believe the fun I had while googling for ‘silly hats’ :D well, you asked for it, THERE YOU HAVE IT, I hope all your silly hat kinks are hereby satisfied

spookyoperaghost said:
I am convinced none of these are manips, but that you are a secret spy of some sort who takes and uploads these photos based on true scenes. They're just too good to be true.

DAMN, the secret is out. And I thought I was being so careful! What gave me away? Ugh, I should have made them silly hats just to be sure, shouldn’t I? Maybe I should make them silly hats anyway