lategoodbye said:
rose why don't you care about my favourite kind of toothpate? i am shocked and appalled!

I forgot for a second that our relationship was built on toiletries … I hope and pray that you can somehow find it in your heart to forgive me ;____;

indyctator said:
I don't know why I thuoght it'd be a good idea to go through your In the flesh tag ;-; now I just want to cry. This show is so good and painful and beautiful, I need more of it wow (also forever thankful for your awesome themes!! AND the tutorials! saved me the other day :D) that's it for random stuff I needed to say, hope you're having a nice day ^^

Oh my, thank you so much <3

I’m sorry my In the flesh tag brought you so much pain, but that’s just the way it is, I suppose *cries tears of undead pain and misery* do you need a hug? I think I need a hug


honeyscrumptious said:
hi hi. wow your blog your endeavour playlist! i'm just like speechless! I was wondering if you could recommend some detective books to me & my son. he likes raymond chandler, 007 & Longmire i like conan doyle &sebastien japrosit, endeavour, pretty much i like glamorous not so gritty. have you watched Longmire? it is pretty great. cheers. :>

Thank you so much!

I haven’t watched Longmire and tbh I don’t think I’ve ever heard of it? But I’ll definitely have a look, thank you :3 

Well, if you like Endeavour you should check out the Morse novels by Colin Dexter (if you haven’t already, that is). I wouldn’t exactly describe them as glamorous though ahaha they can be pretty intense and with a protagonist like Morse of course things are never easy, but they’re definitely worth the read.

I also read Raven Black by Ann Cleeves recently which was dramatised by the BBC for the Shetland series. Personally I thought it was entertaining enough as a detective story, but it didn’t really stick with me (emotionally) the way Morse did. Or the one I’m about to mention haha

Because at the moment I am so in love with the Peter Grant novels by Ben Aaronovitch I can only commend them to everyone. Seriously, they’re brilliant, not only content-wise but also in the way they’re written, entertaining and thrilling at the same time. They’re about a Police Constable who happens to also become a wizard apprentice to the Metropolitan Police’s sort of magic and other strange phenomena division :D his master/mentor is a Detective Inspector who ages backwards and drives a Jag, and while magic plays a big part throughout the stories, it’s never cheesy or anything like that, it’s treated more like science, really (which might have something to do with the fact that it was Isaac Newton who defined magic the way they use it, lol) and it’s always first and foremost about the police investigation. And you learn a lot about police procedures and stuff in the UK, which I personally find very interesting :D

Then there’s also the Felix Castor series by Mike Carey. I’m only halfway through the first book, but the gf assures me it’s equally brilliant to the Peter Grant series and she has an exquisit taste, so you should maybe check that out (or have your son check it out, depending on how old he is because this one seems rather dark-ish). It’s about a ghost hunter who exorcises ghosts with his tin whistle, but he starts investigating the suspicious death of one of the ghosts he is supposed to exorcise and it looks like he’s in a bit over his head there, heh.

Oh, and if you haven’t read them already, the George Smiley series by John Le Carré are pretty good as well. They’re not so much detective than spy drama, but since your son is into 007 this might be the right thing for him?

Other than that I’m afraid I really don’t know. I haven’t read that much detective fiction because German crime drama always made me think that the whole crime genre wasn’t for me (although I had always liked Sherlock Holmes, but somehow that was different idk why). It was only through BBC’s Sherlock that I kind of re-discovered my love for it, but even so I seem to rather watch than read it. Apparently. I honestly don’t know why that is lol

compliments-people said:
You're awesome and an amazing person!

No, you are

lordbyronsbloomers said:
rose, im being real creepy & am going through your 'in the flesh' tag & reblogging everything, im sorry ;U;

Not creepy at all!! Knock yourself out ajdfjkslks ♥


'A body less freckle' that would be v weird, Rose (but idk also pretty dang rad)

ikr? I imagine you could have super amazing adventures by sort of sticking to cute and interesting people and letting them carry you around for a bit (wow creepy). No responsibilities, no overthinking stuff, no anxieties, no money worries, no societal prejudices … 

lategoodbye replied to your post:
let me help you out then: you’re cute and funny and smart and talented and not here with me ughh wait the last thing isn’t a good thing at all. :(

yes but if I were a freckle I could just hang on to you and we could … I mean I could …

no that’s not good at all I don’t want to be your freckle :/

Anonymous said:
Name 2 things you like about yourself, then pass this on to the first ten people on your dash! #TeamSelfEsteem

Ugh I thought about it, but today is really not a good day for self-esteem. It’s about 32407238978932°C, I am melting in my chair and my hormones are running amok, so idk


I kind of like my freckles today, and that’s about it. If I could be a bodyless freckle that’d be really neat

Anonymous said:
I don't know if this is the appropriate place to ask this[/say this?] but the themes you're currently using (especially on your theme blog) are seriously gorgeous. I'm not meaning for this to be a "release themes now!" message, I just loved them so much I wanted to say something

This is always the appropriate place for this ahskdjfhs thank you so much ♥

sallydonovan said:
rose!!! you are a darling and a treasure :^) gotta let you know that you made me blush with your comment! thank you so much for saying all that, you don't know how i appreciate it. i love you lots, you lovely German rose <333

akdsjfshgs oh you lovely thing sdjkfd 

Thank you for that post though, not only do I love reading about other people’s experiences like that, but it also made me think about why I love English as well, and how ‘being good at it’ in school kind of opened new doors to … the world basically, while at the same time allowing a different sort of perspective on your own native language?? I never really realised that before, not like that anyway.

Also also,

anewkindofthrill said:
Kann es sein, dass wir immer unabhängig voneinander dasselbe Zeug schauen, re: ich hab gerade In the Flesh von dir gerebloggt :D

ehehe das spricht für unseren ausgezeichneten Geschmack


Nicht dass ich je daran gezweifelt hätte :D

lategoodbye said:
i miss youuuu why aren't you here with me *sadface*

I miss you moaaarrrrr


*clings to her monitor and cries bitterly into the screen*

Anonymous said:
"is this star trek" omg i love you

haha aw, c’mere Nonnie


ssforzas said:
did you know keaton henson did a cover of delicate by damien rice? it's literally the most heart breaking thing

no I did not omg thank you

chloesengel said:
So, I keep seeing Whitechapel on your blog and I am being overcome with the desire to watch it.
itsacrimescene replied:

blblblbl oh god Chloe

what can I say. It’s an itv show where no nice things happen to anyone ever, and to top it off it was cancelled far too soon and in the middle of a major cliffhanger and ashjkdfhks it will leave you broken and angry and devastated and empty


First off, that gif, is that…Cillian Murphy??? What is that.

And argh, ok, Whitechapel sounds like it will ruin me as much as The Hour did. Apparently though I like programmes where nothing nice ever happens so yeah, I guess I’m going to watch it. Damn. I will message you with tears when I’ve finished watching. I love being broken and angry and devastated.

It is! It’s from Watching the detectives, and it may not look like it but it’s a very light-hearted, very silly romantic~ comedy for a change ahaha (it also has Lucy Liu as the female lead and she is gorgeous, so)

Yes good. Flood my inbox with tears and I shall cry with you. This is not over, itv!!1! *shakes fist* also good advice:

lordbyronsbloomers replied to your post:
dOn’T dO iT CHLOE IT oNLy briNGs paiN//////////////
chloesengel said:
So, I keep seeing Whitechapel on your blog and I am being overcome with the desire to watch it.

blblblbl oh god Chloe


what can I say. It’s an itv show where no nice things happen to anyone ever, and to top it off it was cancelled far too soon and in the middle of a major cliffhanger and ashjkdfhks it will leave you broken and angry and devastated and empty