#001 One wedding and a funeral [RETIRED]
# Static preview here and get the code here or here

Please note that I initially made this theme for myself and with absolutely no intention of publishing it, so the code might be a little messy and especially the colouring can be tricky. You will just have to worm yourself through that, I guess. If there is anything that doesn’t work, please let me know ♥

# there is an option to attach 6 links to the sidebar, more if you know your html

# you can also add a title, a subtitle and what I called “last words” (at the bottom of the sidebar)

# the sidebar image is 225px wide

# use the old customization page if (when) the new one doesn’t work, and click the Reset defaults button in the Appearance section once you’ve pasted the code

# of course, please don’t remove the credit and don’t redistribute as your own

# I’d appreciate it if you liked this post when you take it, but you don’t have to ;)

# and most importantly: enjoy! :)